Thursday, October 14, 2010

Celebrating 40 years of Vegetarianism

40 years of Vegetarian /Vegan life
Transforming a decision to choose

On Oct. 28.1970 I arrived in NYC after two months in Cuba. On that day I stopped eating meat. I had eaten mostly pork for those 2 months and for most of my 24 years on the planet. I had many reasons, which informed my decision. I meet some assume black revolutionaries from California who were brilliant, healthy, beautiful, and vegetarians. I wanted to be clear like them. I herd that it took 12 hours to digest meat and I needed that energy to do my political work. I was a seven attacks a day asthmatic. When I clammed
El Segundo Frente del Escambray where Che was during the Cuban Revolution, I wondered how Che did it. The Cubans’ had a medical team ready for all of who were sick as we clammed that mountain slowly in the back. At that moment I committed to a life free of asthma and revolution.

I also attribute my vegetarianism to my reaction to coming back to Capitalism. I had a visceral reaction cultural clash. When we got back some folk’s cried non-stop, others went into a deep depression and I stopped eating meat. As you can see I had many good reasons for choosing Vegetarianism. What is important to me is that I stop eating flash cold turkey and since that day in October I have not eaten any meat, eggs or drank milk.

I love the Macrobiotic still of life and healthy seasonal eating. It allows some fish especially in cold weather. It is a challenge for me because I love a will season spicy meal and we need to cut back on the spaces. With acupuncture, herbs, colonics, and Macrobiotics I healed the asthma, allergies, dissolved two ovarian cysts, chemical poisoning and other illnesses course by the consumption of animal products and a polluted environment. However I am still working on letting go of my addiction to Pizza, potato chips, wheat, milk chocolate and night shads which create constipation, incontinence, yeast infection, physical pain and itchiness, of course all these imbalances are all connected. I am choosing powerfully to let go of all my addictions. I begun this summer and I am doing great. This is how I am Celebrating 40 years of Vegetarianism. I am excited every day more and more of a year of Macrobiotics. I cannot wait until next year at this time and the rest of my life.

I invite all of you to join me as I Celebrate 40 years of Vegetarianism Oct 28. 6:30 at my favorite Macrobiotic Restaurant the SOUEN SOHO.

210 Sixth Ave at Prince St, 10014
Tel: 212-807-7421
Monday-Friday 11:30am-10:30pm
Saturday 11am-10:30pm
Sunday 11am-10pm

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  1. Thank you Amilcar. Patty. Julie. Kristy. Myrna and Prita. You are all the best. I had a wonderful evening and you made it so. Love Ya